102 year old woman talks about her diet and life and religion

Olive said “We believe a healthy diet should include plenty of raw fruits and vegetables.
In some cases a raw food diet can be used to fight cancer or other diseases, but we believe it’s good to have a mixture of raw foods and cooked foods for a normal diet.
Beans, garbanzos, brown rice, soy milk, and whole wheat bread are all nourishing.
Green vegetables, steamed or lightly cooked are also nourishing and are found to contain protein. She says the first diet that God gave to us was grain, fruit, and nuts. After the sin of Adam, vegetables were added to the diet. And after the flood
man was given clean meats.
Many believe that in order to gain protein, we need to add meat to the diet but this is not true. Beans and whole wheat bread, taken together, constitute a complete protein. People who eat a vegetarian diet lead healthy lives and live longer”..
(My own comment here) Olive never eats a large meal late at night, and most of the fat in her diet comes from a product called Vegenaise. She also informed me she doesn’t take medication of any kind, and believes some of them are doing more harm than good. Especially antidepressants which she believes caused some of her elderly friends to commit suicide. As of today Olive is over 105 years old, and while she does have some physical challenges, she is still happy and socially active in her church. She has a sharp mind, loves talking to people, and loves talking about the bible. Warning. If you dare to talk about religion with Olive, you had better plan on staying a while. She has no shortage of words when it comes to her religious beliefs and faith in God..


Testosterone Level For 40 Year Old Male – How To Raise Testosterone Foods?

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Testosterone Level For 40 Year Old Male How To Raise Testosterone Foods………?

long lengthy extended extended extended includes aging

He stored racking his brains out and wondering,

“What have I become?

I’m only a sorry excuse within the man”

But, little did he understand it was subsequently just the beginning

Low testosterone leads to significantly not just fatigue, insufficient strength, erection disorder or… even divorce

As they switched 42, his libido needed a apparent, crisp turn for that worse.

Even though he did everything easy to repair this

He went from physician to physician, attempted procedures and remedies and therapies,

Nothing arrived on the scene to acquire working

And very, it had been among the finest alarm signals

He then began battling with insomnia,……

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Beauty Tips for 30 Years Old Women

Top 5 Natural Beauty Tips For Women Over 30. These are skin care tips for women at home and include homemade anti aging skin care recipes for women above 30. Watch this video for beauty tips for women in their 30s.


Got Menopause? Weight Loss for Women Over 40

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Got Menopause? Weight Loss for Women Over 40

Today I’m going to be having a chat to you about how you can lose weight throughout menopause.

Now, a lot of women tell me how they struggle with their weight throughout menopause. They tend to find that they put weight on around their stomach and that the old diets that used to work stop working. There are actually reasons to explain why this happens, and I’m going to be going through that with you today.

Now, as we women get older, we do drop in our female hormones, being estrogen and progesterone. Those are the hormones that give us that hourglass shape, but as we age, these hormones drop, and we tend to, unfortunately, gain weight around our stomach.

Although it’s really unfortunate, there are still some things that you can do to help. So what are the three things to avoid if you want to lose weight throughout menopause?

Number one, stay away from any of the old diets that you used to use. Often when you cut your calories very low, like most typical diets do, you break down your muscle tissue. This can lead to a drop in your metabolism, and then you’ll start putting on more weight, and it will usually go straight to your stomach.

What you need is an individualized and tailored approach to your nutrition that considers your age and your lifestyle. A one size fits all fad diet is not going to help you out at this stage of your life.

The second thing to avoid is eliminating food groups. You want to eat from all of the food groups. This is a time when you need to have dairy because calcium absorption can be low, and this can put you at risk of osteoporosis. You don’t want to go cutting out carbohydrates, which can affect your thyroid, or any gimmicky type of diet.

Thirdly, walking alone is not going to be enough, so if you’re not adding in any resistance training in the form of using weights, resistance bands, or body weight exercises, you are going to be prone to putting on weight because your metabolism has dropped.

I help many women get into the best shape of their life, living up to menopause, throughout, and beyond. You just have to be smart about the solutions that you use.

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The Real Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight After 40.

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Many woman over 40 find they can no longer burn calories like you did before. experience alone.
After 40 a women’s estrogen levels drop which causes insulin levels to go up and thyroid levels to go down, both of which increase hunger.
Many woman begin to eat more while at the same time they burn fewer calories, which adds to the fat deep inside your belly known as omentum fat.
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Best diet plan for females to maintain weight in early 30s – Ms. Sushma Jaiswal

After the age of 30, the absorption of all the nutrients becomes slow and less. So as the age advances, the absorption of nutrients becomes less in the body. So for that, you have to maintain the healthy diet with whole grain, whole legumes, fruits, and vegetables, some dry fruits, milk and milk products in balanced way. You have to cut down some empty calories like you know like all the junk food and all the fast food and all the beverages, drinks like fizzy drinks and all that, because all the junk food and fizzy drinks have a low nutrient content and they are very high in calorie content. It just gives empty calories. So you have to cut down all the fast food and the junk food and fizzy drinks ad rake more healthy diet, so that your system runs smoothly. If you take more fibrous rich diet like taking more fruits and vegetables, and whole legumes and grains, you will be able to maintain your weight. So stay healthy.


45 Year Old Chinese Woman Who Looks Like A Teenager Reveals Her Anti-Aging Secrets!

Li Ze, a well-known Hong Kong actress, age 45 looks only 20! The reason being what she eats! Anti-ageing formula is so simple.
45 Year Old Chinese Woman Who Looks Like A Teen Reveals Her Anti-Aging Secrets! According to Hong Kong media report, Li Ze just recently celebrated her 45th birthday and her latest photo was shared by makeup artists. Although she is already a mother of three, Li Ze’s makeup is still trendy, her face exudes sweet smile and her skin condition is excellent.

Li Ze is a well-known beauty in the entertainment circle and it is not easy to spot any trace of age on her face. She always looks so young and beautiful. She looks even more beautiful than when she was young. This picture shows her appearance when she was a teen. It is not at all exaggerating to say a girl undergoes “18 changes” when she grows up (Chinese proverb).

What is the skin-care secret that produces such an ”evergreen” model? Here are the secret recipes used by Li Ze for her skin-care. Recipe 1: Eat only plain food Instil the habit of eating more plain food and vegetables to supplement fibre and vitamin C in order to help repair body cells and prevent wrinkles from forming. Heat clearing and detoxifying the body are extremely beneficial to digestion. If the food is refreshing then a person will naturally become “refreshing” as well.

Recipe 2: Take Vitamin C “In actual fact, the most simple and basic methods are the best for health-care. Of course one must take some nutritious stuff such as Vitamin C, but I never take any so-called food tonic.” Li Ze only did differently during her pregnancy in order to prevent premature labour. During pregnancy she took cordyceps and red bird nest daily to overcome any nutrient deficiency.

Recipe 3: Always bringing along natural mineral water spray. Besides the normal usual health care, Li Ze carries with her moisturizing water spray. This is a commonly seen water spray. It is consisted of natural mineral water or hot spring water and contains large quantity of minerals and small amount of trace elements. Besides moisturizing and replenishing the skin with water, it also regulates and maintains the water-oil balance of the skin, soothing pressure and prevents allergy and increase natural skin protection capacity.

Recipe 4: Sit-up exercise. Li Ze says she always promotes simple health-care exercise. Daily and consistently she does sit-up 200 – 300 times. No matter how tired, she would try her best to do it once a day. Recipe 5: Soaking and scrubbing. She said: “I do this every night on a daily basis, every time half an hour. After I have finished doing I would use body lotion to seriously give myself a good massage. Recipe 6: Prevent exposure to hot sun. Li Ze feels that even during winter, prevention of sun exposure is also very important. She said: “Winter sun in Hong Kong is very hot and not only face and body need sunscreen, hair also requires sun heat prevention. It is not easy to recover hair damaged by sun heat.

Recipe 7: Harbouring an “evergreen”idol in one’s heart.She said: “Audrey Hepburn is my idol. She portrays different beauty during different stages of her life. Her calm temperament and vibrant nature prolongs her beauty.”

vaseline and nivea

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3 Tips To Boost Your Testosterone — For Men Over 40 Only

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Hey guys, I’m here to share with you 3 of the best tips for boosting your natural testosterone production.

So let’s get right into Tip #1: Stop doing the wrong types of workouts for your body and age…

Here’s the thing… Certain workouts can actually lower your testosterone. And decreasing your T-levels further will put a lot more fat on your body… very quickly

You see, the first thing most older men do when trying to get in shape is head to the gym and work out aimlessly… Jumping from machine to machine, with no rhyme or reason.

Huge mistake… I mean you wouldn’t try to start a business by spending your money on random things that have nothing to do with your type of business? So why would you go to the gym and do random stuff that has nothing to do with burning fat? And one of the most common and worst thing older men can do is stationary cardio…

Tip #2: Stop following those fat-free diets…

Now I know doctors and fitness coaches always mention getting rid of fats in your diet… Now it’s true that it will help you lose some weight, however most of that weight you’ll be dropping will actually be coming from loss of your muscle mass – not fat mass.

You see, fat is vital for testosterone production, so when you cut fat from your diet… you also cut testosterone from your body.

Tip #3: Get rid of your belly fat…

Now most men don’t know this, but belly fat is proven to causes low testosterone. The reason this happens is because belly fat produces a hormone that actually turns your testosterone into the female sex hormone – Estrogen.

And as a man, when you have excess estrogen in your body… your body becomes a fat storing machine.

Now here’s the problem… getting rid of your belly fat is very difficult when you already have low testosterone.

And this becomes a vicious fat gaining cycle that most men become trapped in – I myself used to be that guy.

Now what you have to do is break this vicious cycle of your low-T causing you to have belly fat and your belly fat causing you to have low-T.

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And like I said, this was the exact same problem I had…

However I was able to do one simple thing to break this fat gaining cycle by finally getting rid of my belly fat quickly.

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